Россия – Европа: два диплома. Новый отчет

Вашему внимаю предоставляется новый отчет наших студентов, обучающихся в данный момент в Польше. Ребята рассказали о проживании и спортивной жизни в г. Белосток.


* * *

Hello. Students who want to take part in the program "Russia-Europe: two diplomas" often asked questions about living conditions and prices. I'll try to describe everything in detail.

Students from Russia, live in three storey house on the Szczecinska Street. Each floor has three rooms for one, two or three persons a bathroom and kitchen. In the photo you can see our room (for 3 persons). We are engaged in its accomplishment. Divided the room into two parts: work area and break area))). Some things we bought ourselves and some took from of other rooms, while there was nobody))). From our windows (3rd floor) a beautiful views on locality.

Neighbors peaceful and friendly people. As spring sets in are engaged landscaping areas. Our mistress also often comes to us and engaged in landscaping area. The area is very quiet: no noisy companies not interfere car alarms and there are no drunk people.

It should be said about prices. We pay for living 75 euros per month. But there were times when we have exceeded the cost of gas, water and electricity. So we had to pay (for a few months of 2500 rubles).

Food prices in the local hypermarket "Galeria Biala" (like ours Globus) are low. If you go to the other end of the city «Auchan», then it will be even lower prices. On average, we all three bought at 1500-2000 rubles per week (500-700 rubles per person per week). In this case prepare yourself. Basic Products are: meat and fish, vegetables, fruit, juice and sweets. It should noted that various ration. Do not use fast food.

In all the shops you can pay with a debit card the bank (Visa, MasterCard). It is very convenient, fast and safe.

Артем Кочуров


* * *

I would like to tell you about active sports life in the Bialystok city, Poland. Besides visits to lessons at school to keep fit, many residents of our Russian home take exercises. Thus have formed groups such as runners, basketball and football players. Use to jogging on morning very well to wake up and it is healthy. Not long ago the boys went to the football ground. Near the house there is an excellent platform both basketball and football. And anyone can go there, because it is publicly available.

So, on the football ground we were offered to play football with Polack’s guys of what we agreed. It was very fun. Generally, in one's own time there is busy oneself something. Also, the Bialystok has excellent bike paths, which makes the temptation to ride on them. Some guys bought bikes for a small cost and now actively go around the city. This is a very informative and enjoyable pastime. May - the season of picnics, that did not stop us to buy BBQ and all the necessary components. And now, almost every night we sit around a big company and tell different stories.

Алексей Андриянов




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